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Phone: 504 091 797. Business hours: Mon - Fri 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sat closed, Sunday closed

  • We are tree care and treatment experts

    We provide gardening and landscaping services


    Comprehensive landscaping and greenery design

Forest and Garden

Forest and Garden has been in operation since 1989. We have specialized equipment, skills and years of expertise in providing forestry and gardening services.

We have the approval from the Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments in the following areas: care, inspection, inventory and conservation work in the area of historic parks and natural monuments.

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We have qualified staff. We provide all kinds of gardening services related to the establishment and maintenance of green spaces.

We specialize in preparing forest plots for investment projects and in establishing naturalistic gardens in the woods. Backed by scientific research, we are skilled in treating trees attacked by pests and diseases.

The work is carried out under the care of our own Tree Care and Protection Supervisor.

What sets us apart?

30 years of experience
Qualified staff
Specialized certifications
Professional consulting

We establish gardens

Comprehensive gardening services
We provide assistance at every stage of garden design. The comprehensive gardening services that we offer are fully tailored to your needs and expectations. We plant trees and ornamental plants, establish lawns, mow green spaces, and care for gardens as well as provide many other services.
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Discover the beauty of the garden

We know that you want to enjoy the pleasing appearance of your garden long after it is established. We will take care of the condition and appearance of your plants in a professional manner at any time of the year.