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Garden design

Garden design

Garden design; when to start?

We have implemented several designs in the following localities: Piaseczno, Warsaw, Konstancin, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Pruszków and many others.

Garden design should be taken into consideration when you start building a house. This will help us plan where to store the soil from excavation work depending on the planned landscaping.

The design of the future garden will help us determine the place for building materials; waste is best cleaned up on a regular basis, as it deteriorates the quality of the soil. The plants that are already growing on the plot should be shielded if you plan to leave them as part of the future garden.

Garden design is an increasingly important part of house construction, and it should be taken into consideration as early as the house design stage. If you decide to handle the design of the house and garden at the same time, you will avoid unnecessary activities, and the work will proceed more smoothly and definitely cheaper. Most people usually start thinking about the garden when the house is ready and at the finishing stage. At this stage, you can no longer combine other activities, and the landscape architect has no room to reduce costs.

Designing a garden where you can spend your leisure time and relax is almost as important as building a house.

If you want to have an aesthetic and usable garden, have the design implemented by a business with many years of experience.

What sets us apart?

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