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Tree and shrub treatment

Tree and shrub treatment

Care of trees and shrubs is aimed at keeping the plants healthy and, in a way, at forcing them to bear better fruit and look neat. The main activities that make up tree care are corrective and maintenance trimming, but they also include proper fertilization, general tree care, treatment of infected plants, pest control, parasite removal, and much more.

Tree care Warsaw – what tree care activities are there?

All tree care work is carried out with arborist equipment, that is, equipment that is adapted for maintaining and “servicing” trees. The tree care processes include:

  • removal of boughs and branches that bear signs of disease;
  • shaping trees from the earliest years of their life for the most impressive result. The most common type of trees subject to shaping are fruit trees;
  • removal of damaged elements of trees caused by weather factors and conditions, as well as human activity and random events;
  • removal of branches that threaten the health and life of people, as well as impede transportation and interfere with infrastructure (power lines, telephone lines, etc.);
  • pruning crossed branches, that is, branches that are crossing paths with another branch;
  • corrective pruning, affecting the appearance of the tree, as well as reducing the risk of subsequent trunk and branch breakage, tipping, and generally improving the safety of trees, and thus people and property.

Please bear in mind that pruning should be done in accordance with the art of arboriculture and horticulture. Improper tree “care” can cause permanent damage to plants, destruction or even complete death of trees.

How to perform maintenance pruning on trees and shrubs Warsaw??

Maintenance pruning mainly consists in the removal of dead, dying and diseased tree branches and shoots. Sanitary pruning (which does not interfere with living tissue) can be performed throughout the year; it is an indispensable part of the tree healing process.

The so-called maintenance pruning includes also corrective trimming to help you form trees and influence their appearance. You must distinguish between what is healthy for the trees and what is only the desirable “aesthetic value”. In general, each species and specimen requires an individual approach – you need to know what to cut, trim and prune, how to do it and when to do it (keep in mind, among other things, the species that heal wounds poorly, show spring weeping and those with high frost sensitivity). Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a Certified Tree Supervisor to supervise any kind of cutting, trimming and pruning.

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