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Maintenance of greenery

Maintenance of greenery

Maintenance of greenery is a broad term. We always do our best to determine the needs of a particular green area, garden, forest or park, in order to select appropriate maintenance methods.

Lawn care can include the following activities: spring raking combined with aeration and scarifying, fertilization several times a year, usually in spring, summer and autumn with special fertilizers for autumn fertilization, not containing nitrogen, but mainly potassium and phosphorus, mowing usually twice a month, raking up the grass clippings, watering during the dry season, controlling weeds, reseeding grass in bare and trampled spots.

Maintenance of tall greenery comprises the following activities: removing tree suckers, removing dry and broken branches as needed, forming trees, removing weeds around young trees, watering young trees during the growing season, plant protection treatments against diseases and pests.

Greenery maintenance services also include tree cutting and removal of trees broken by the wind. Feel free to contact us! A professional will prepare a quote for the scope of work adjusted to the needs of your plants and dedicated to improving the safety of your green space.

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