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Tree cutting permit

Tree cutting permit

Do you intend to cut down a tree or shrub, but are not sure if this is lawful? If you want to cut down trees and shrubs by yourself even on your own property, you must obtain a special permit. This is because tree and shrub cutting is governed by legal regulations that specify the conditions determining the requirements for a permit to cut down specific trees and shrubs.
In this article, we will focus on the legal aspect of tree and shrub cutting. We will offer you tips which trees and shrubs qualify for a permit to cut them down, and when a permit will not be necessary. We will also inform you about the content of the application for a tree cutting permit and about the penalties to be imposed on those who cut down trees or shrubs without a permit.

Tree cutting permit – when do you need one?

Tree and shrub cutting permits are required and processed depending on the intended use of the land where the trees and shrubs to be removed grow, and this is where you will encounter a maze of frequently amended regulations of the Act on nature protection, the Forest Act and the Act on the protection of monuments. Note: as regards the Act on the protection of monuments which covers areas listed in the register of monuments, for example the areas in Podkowa Leśna, a decision of the conservator of monuments is required even for the removal of dead branches. If you are not willing to study lengthy regulations or keep track of constant amendments, and above all, bear the costs of mistakes that can be made as a result of insufficient knowledge of the law, you are more than welcome to contact our Certified Arborist.

Tree and shrub cutting permit – what should the document contain?

Documents submitted to the authorities must comply, among other things, with the Act of 16 April 2004 on nature protection. Authorities often have their own templates for tree and shrub cutting permits; however, if the form is unavailable at the moment, it might be useful to know what information and details to prepare. The application for a tree and shrub cutting permit must be accompanied by the following information and documents:

  • Name, surname and geospatial data of the owner and holder of the property on which the tree or shrub to be removed is located;
  • Legal title to the property;
  • Tree or shrub species;
  • The circumferences of all trunks measured at 5 cm and 130 cm from ground level;
  • The type and purpose of the land where the plant is located;
  • In the case of shrubs – the surface of the area to be cleared in square metres;
  • A map or drawing that clearly shows the location of the tree or shrub to be felled in relation to the boundaries of the plot and building structures;
  • The reason for the cutting and its planned date.

With a set of relevant documents and a correctly completed application, you must go to the relevant authority, such as the commune or city office where you will submit your application. Tree cutting applications under the Act on nature protection are handled by the town, city or commune mayor.

If you are not sure how to approach the issuance of a tree or cutting permit, you are welcome to contact our Certified Tree Supervisor.


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