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Hedge maintenance

Hedge maintenance

Forest and Garden provides gardening services mainly in the city of Warsaw.

The hedge in our garden should be properly maintained for its aesthetically pleasing appearance that enhances the beauty of the trim. Hedge maintenance is not only about fertilizing, watering, weeding, but, above all, about proper trimming which ultimately boils down to strictly cosmetic cuts. Maintenance should be tailored to the specific type of hedge, and appropriate equipment should be used, usually available from businesses which provide such services professionally.

The shrubs that make up the hedge grow for several years before reaching the appropriate and planned size. In this period, the hedge should be cut and pruned on a regular basis and at the right time to obtain compact, well-developed and tight growth.

Hedge maintenance – what do you need to remember?

It is too late to begin hedge maintenance when the plants are already sprawled out and it is hard to influence their shape. Remember that plants are slow to regenerate, and the hedge should be shaped on a continuous and regular basis; this is when it will grow in the best possible way.

Hedge maintenance in Warsaw is a job for a professional business that provides such services.

What sets us apart?

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