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Forestry services Mazovia Province

Forestry services Mazovia Province

Forestry services include many activities such as tree management, tree care, tree cutting and logging, timber harvesting, tree and forest cultivation and protection, as well as tree planting. Each of the forestry services will be described in brief.

Forestry services – Tree cutting

Tree cutting is regulated by law. To cut down a tree even on private property, you need permission from the relevant authorities. You can apply for a tree cutting permit at the district governor’s office (starostwo), commune office (urząd gminy) or city/town office (urząd miasta). Tree cutting is one of the processes related to stand management. Most often, trees that threaten people’s health and life, impede circulation and transport or interfere with infrastructure (running power lines or telephone lines) are cut down.

Forestry services – Timber harvesting

Timber harvesting is an activity that results directly from the cutting and felling of forests and trees. Wood harvested from designated plantations or areas can be divided into lumber and small-sized timber, suitable for firewood. Tree bark, mushrooms and forest fruits, acorns, spores, plant seeds and resin are also obtained from the forests.

Forestry services – Tree cultivation

Tree cultivation is also one of the processes involved in stand and forest management. Fruit, coniferous and deciduous trees are grown. Trees are usually grown in tree and shrub nurseries.

Forestry services – Tree and forest protection

Tree and forest protection includes treatment and disease prevention. This comprises making corrective and maintenance cuts, as well as removing dead or disease-infected shoots and branches. Tree and forest protection also involves the removal of damaged elements of trees caused by weather factors and conditions, as well as human activity and random events.

Forestry services – Tree planting

Forestry services also include contracted plantings or plantings regulated by law. Most often, trees from nurseries are planted.

What equipment do you need to provide forestry services?

Businesses engaged in tree care, protection, growing, cutting, logging or harvesting rely on professional equipment from reputable companies. Such services require brush chippers and stump grinders for the efficient removal of logging debris. A brush chipper for branches and wood waste that turns logging debris and monitoring cuts into biomass comes in handy too.

Another important piece of equipment is the forestry mulcher to efficiently prepare soil for reforestation. A forwarder allows timber to be harvested and the felled logs to be carried from the stump to a roadside landing. A harvester precisely cuts trees in any cutting category.

The equipment also includes lifts, agricultural tractors, all kinds of handheld equipment, power saws or tree climbing spikes/spurs and gaffs. Providing comprehensive forestry services requires a sizeable assortment of equipment.

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