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Building gardens

Building gardens

A properly built garden is a guarantee of a successful break from the hustle and bustle of city life. A green area established according to the owners’ personal preference and requirements will make the garden their pride and showpiece.

Building gardens Warsaw - around newly erected buildings

Creating a garden directly on the site of a completed construction gives us plenty of creative freedom. We don’t have to worry about destroying the greenery, so the use of a tractor or a rotary tiller is not an issue. With the help of these machines, we will be able to give the garden a shape and create a beautiful green space. Before using heavy equipment, the area must be thoroughly cleaned up; construction foil, residues or weeds must be removed. Remember to pull weeds out meticulously and thoroughly. It is not enough to just cut them down, as new weeds will grow after plowing.

Building gardens Warsaw - it starts with the design

Design is a key element of the entire garden, as it underpins its final appearance and the appropriate use of space. It is a good idea to think carefully about the design and have it done by professionals who, with their expertise, will tell you how to successfully establish a garden, as well as how to use the available space. During the design process, you should request and expect an accurate valuation of the investment. At the outset, you should also determine the budget that you are planning for your garden. Your budget is decisive for the direction the designers will take.

Building gardens- first stages

From design to completion. The process of building gardens begins with landscaping and the laying of electrical and water systems. Landscaping is an uncomplicated activity. We pile up hills or remove surplus soil according to the design. In addition, at this stage you must decide if you want us to make a pit for the ornamental pond. When making hills, the soil should be thoroughly pressed and compacted after each piled layer. In this way, a landslide will be avoided later.
Electrical and irrigation systems should be installed in the next steps. Remember that systems with a rated voltage of 230 V must be installed by people with the appropriate licence. It is also a good idea to have the irrigation system installed by professionals.

Building gardens next steps

After landscaping and laying the systems, the next step is to prepare the soil and install garden items. The kind of soil on your plot of land must be determined. This should be known at the design stage. Proper soil modification will give us more planting options. If your soil is too acidic, it should be calcified with specialized garden substances. After calcification, soil must be fertilized.

To speed up the work, at the same time landscaping elements can be built, such as various types of gazebos, steps, trellises, ponds or retaining walls – all as designed.
The final stages in the process of building a garden are the establishment of the lawn or turf and the planting of plants. Plants should be planted in groups to make it easier to care for them later. Grass and plant species should be selected according to the habitat conditions on the plot of land.

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