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Tree planting

Tree planting

We can carry out tree planting in: Warsaw, Piaseczno, Konstancin, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Pruszków and many other localities.

Tree planting is a process that affects the proper development of a tree, so you need to approach this activity with appropriate knowledge.

Tree planting – stage one, site selection

Each tree species has specific requirements that must be met for proper growth. The requirements are predetermined and must be observed; for example, an oak tree should be well exposed from above, otherwise it will grow poorly. It should also be planted in mineral-rich soil. On the other hand, if the site does not meet these requirements, why not consider rowan tree (mountain-ash), which tolerates shade and soils of poorer quality.

Tree planting – stage two or site preparation

Proper preparation of the site for tree planting is of primary importance. This should not be a weedy area, as weeds adversely affect newly planted trees. If there is a lot of green vegetation, such as grass, it will compete for water with the newly planted tree, so the area should be devoid of such vegetation. In addition, the soil should be loosened; this is when the site is ready.

Planting trees – stage three

Dig a hole of a size suitable for the root system of the tree. Then drive a stake of the appropriate length into the ground. The length of the stake after driving should be equal to the height of the trunk and reach the crown of the tree. Pile a mound at the bottom of the planting hole with fertile soil. If the soil at the planting site is of poor quality and infertile, the mound should be made of previously brought fertile soil. Set the tree in the hole.

Inspect the root system carefully beforehand. Roots that are excessively elongated, broken or otherwise damaged should be cut with sharp pruning shears. The roots must be carefully placed in the mound, pointing downward; they must not curl upward.

Backfill the roots of the tree first with the rest of the fertile soil, and then top up with the native soil. The soil should be trampled radially to the trunk. Form a low earthen embankment around the perimeter of the hole. Tie the tree to the stake with horticultural tape.

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