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Forest and stand management

Forest and stand management

Forest management is one of the branches of the national economy which underpins the management, maintenance and operation of Polish forests. In addition, forest management deals with forest resources and forest game.

What is the legal basis for forest and stand management?

The relevant conditions and tenets for forest management are defined by the Forest Act. In addition, the legal basis is provided by the forest policy of the state, the recommendations of international conventions, as well as the Act on preserving the national character of strategic natural resources of the country. Besides, the Act on nature protection is also applicable to stand management in Poland.
Forest and stand management is based on the principles set forth in the aforementioned documents.

Forest and stand management is based on the following assumptions:

  • sustainability of forest maintenance
  • sustainable use of all forest functions
  • expansion of forest resources
  • universal forest protection

General description of forest and stand management

Forest cover (the amount of forest) is less than 30% of all land in Poland. Poland’s forest and stand management focuses on reducing or eliminating one of the more negative features of forests: low species diversity. This makes the trees in Polish forests susceptible to diseases caused by pests and air pollution. The state-owned forests, which make up the vast majority in Poland, serve all purposes of forests; sourcing of raw materials, silviculture, as well as hunting and management of forest animals.

  • Sourcing of raw materials

Stand management determines the potential for tree cutting and sourcing raw materials, as well as specifies the estimated value of the raw materials (timber and byproducts) in the forest. The forests are used for cutting lumber and small-sized timber. In addition, stand and forest management determines the sourcing of other raw materials: forest fruits, resin, bark, Christmas trees or seeds.

  • Forest protection

Proper protection of the forest is the key to its health. Stand management in specific areas to which forests belong decides about the treatment or felling of diseased trees, removal of damaged trees, or additional protection of national and scenic parks from human and industrial activities.

  • Silviculture

Silviculture is also governed by forest and stand management regulations. It involves planting specific types and species of plants in selected areas; this is called afforestation of land. In Poland, there are mixed forests, coniferous forests with broadleaf trees, alder forests and riparian woodlands.

How do you navigate the maze of regulations in stand management?

Investments in forest areas or national park sites are governed by a large number of laws, provisions and regulations. When investing in this type of land, it is advisable to benefit from the services of professional stand management businesses familiar with the operation of Polish forest management. With us, you obtain the assistance of professionals with many years of expertise in the industry.

What sets us apart?

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