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Removal of snow overhangs

Removal of snow overhangs

Removing snow overhangs is the responsibility of every property manager. (Warsaw and the surrounding localities).

We will be happy to undertake the removal of snow overhangs in Warsaw and the surrounding localities. They are very dangerous elements hanging from gutters, roofs and windowsills in the houses. They pose a great danger to pedestrians and moving cars. An accident is likely to happen in such circumstances. Therefore, the removal of snow overhangs in Warsaw and throughout Poland is mandatory.

Removing icicles and snow overhangs is the responsibility of every building manager or owner.

It is the responsibility of the property manager (and hence the housing estate administration, owner, tenant, etc.) to maintain the property in proper condition. Owners are definitely obliged to manage the property in such a way that it is safe for the surroundings, people and animals. In the event of an accident, the owner faces legal liability and a fine.

When you see dangerous overhangs, icicles or snow on the roof, do not hesitate to call the city guards or other bodies. In this way you can save someone’s health or life.

We strongly encourage you to enter into an agreement for the removal of icicles and snow overhangs before the winter season. With the welfare of residents of housing estates and single-family homes in mind, please call us before the harsh winter comes and make sure that no one gets hurt.

Our services are provided by trained employees using professional equipment. They have up-to-date medical checkups, which are necessary for work at height.

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