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Vermeer wood chipper rental, services

Vermeer wood chipper rental, services

Vermeer machines are some of the best equipment for forestry work in the market. Owing to American quality and state-of-the-art technological solutions implemented in the machines, with Vermeer chippers we provide services of the highest quality.

With Vermeer machines in our fleet, we can offer you modern solutions dedicated to the most demanding wood processing. You are welcome to rent our Vermeer brush chippers.

Regardless of the type of commissioned work, Vermeer chippers can handle any task. Thanks to their high efficiency and mobility we can tackle even the toughest conditions and the thickest sections of trees and branches.

Brush chipper rental – why is it a good idea to rent a brush chipper?

Trees and shrubs require regular pruning of branches. Sick or overgrown plant sections should be removed on a regular basis. In the process of pruning and removing redundant parts of the tree canopy, waste is generated in the form of cut branches. The branches should be disposed of. The waste is generated during the cutting, pruning and grubbing of trees and shrubs. This is done in green areas, forests, gardens, on plots of land, allotments, in orchards and wherever a stand of trees must be taken care of.

The brush chipper makes it possible to remove waste efficiently, safely and quickly, as well as to obtain wood chippings, which is raw material of practical use. The chippings can be used for compost, mulching, as well as can be sold at the collection point.

Vermeer chippers – rental

We rent American brush chippers with 48 HP diesel engines. Thanks to the four-blade cutting system, the spacious feeding table, as well as automated processing, work with the rented machines is completely safe, fast and simple.

Feel free to benefit from our offering. We provide services with Vermeer chippers in Warsaw, Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Piaseczno, as well as other towns and cities in the Mazovia province. Our experts support clients at every stage of engagement.

Vermeer chippers – services

Vermeer chippers are ideal for disposing of residues from clean-up and rehabilitation work. By choosing to rent a Vermeer chipper, you can quickly and seamlessly dispose of almost any amount of leftover wood waste. Feel free to check out other services that we provide.

Brush chipper Warsaw - feel free to contact us

Feel free to contact us and benefit from our offering. Our experts will help you choose a service, as well as offer you tips and dispel any doubts about our rental service.

A wood chipper can be rented only with the operator of the machine.

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